The Ministry is committed to providing efficient and environmental friendly services to ensure sustainable and prosperous Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries sub-sectors.

Serial No.Service offeredClient requirementCharges ( Ksh. )Timelines
(a) Visitors’ receptionNil Free lWithin three (3) minutes of arriva
(b) Telephone callsNil Free Call to be picked by the 3rd ring
(c ) Routine CorrespondenceNil Free Replied within seven (7) days from the date of receipt.
(d) Technical correspondenceNil Free Acknowledgement done immediately.Replied within Fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the enquiry.
2.Issuance of Licenses, permits and certificates Adherence to application conditions Depending on the service Within Fourteen ( 14) days
3.Provision of information on Agricultural Sector Formal request Free A maximum of 3 days
4.Provision of Agricultural Sector information, education and communication. Formal request Free A maximum of 7 days
5.Provision of information on training opportunities and procedures Formal request Free Within one (1) month to the deadline of application
6.Issuance of course approval Application Free Within one (1) month before commencement of the course
7.Provision of attachment/ internship and apprenticeship Formal request Free One month from application date

Within the first month of the quarter
8.Disbursement of AIE’S to stations None Free To be ready within seven (7) days
9.Procurement of goods and services Attach relevant documents Free Dependent on the nature of goods andservice as per procurement regulations
10.Regular Ministry website content update Web visit and feedback Free Monthly
11.Development of policy legislations, guidelines for implementation ofagricultural sector programmes On demand Free As need arises
12.Verification & recommendation of VAT and Custom Duty Exemptions (Waivers) Formal request Free 2 days
13.Surveillance and management of pests and disease outbreaks On thresh old levels Free One (1) week
14.HIV/AIDS, gender, environmental issues, Alcohol and Substance abuse. On demand Free Within one (1) month
15.Packaging and linkingAgriculture Sector Stakeholders with information on research and other service providers On demand Free One day to two months( within 60 days )