Upcoming event- Egerton University


Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries is organising a National Agricultural Value Chain Forum (NAVCF) to be held on May 16-17, 2017, at the Egerton University, Njoro. The theme of the Conference is: Transformation of Agricultural Value Chains towards sustainable agribusiness, food and national security.

The forum will draw more than 250 participants from sector stakeholders including high level national and county governments’ officials, international development organisations, universities, policy, research, regulatory and quality assurance organisations, producers and their organisations, traders, processors, input suppliers, credit and financial service providers, non-state actors among others.


The objectives of the Forum are to:

  • Create a formal platform that will discuss key value chain challenges and constraints and propose opportunities that can be exploited for the benefit of the smallholder producer;
  • Propose key actions that need to be taken by specific actors in order to enhance the competitiveness of specific value chains in regional and global marketplace; and
  • Develop mechanisms that will enhance collaboration and dialogue between government and industry in order to address mutual issues and priorities that will enhance value chain development.

The key topics in VCD for presentation and discussion will include; the transformation of the agricultural sector, sector coordination, input supply and subsidies, access to credit and financial services, climate change, marketing and processing and value addition among others. Business cases will be presented and discussed in the forum for five commodities i.e. beef, cow milk, fish, maize and the Irish potato.

A value chain is the set of actors (private, public, and including service providers) and the sequence of value-adding activities involved in bringing a product from production to the final consumer. In agriculture they can be thought of as a ‘farm to fork’ set of processes and flows.