Government to support production of macadamia

PS Lesiyampe plants a Macadamia seedling after breaking the ground for the proposed Sasini Macadamia factory.Government to support production of macadamia

The Kenya Government is distributing subsidized macadamia nuts seeds as part of its strategy to increase production of the crop’s oil-rich products, the Principal Secretary, State Department of Agriculture Dr. Richard Lesiyampe said on December 19, 2016. This he said is being done under the Macadamia nuts revitalization Program.

Lesiyampe said Kenya is the world’s 4th largest producer of macadamia nuts after South Africa, Australia and Hawaii. Between 1992 and 2015, Kenya’s acreage under the crop increased from a mere 633 hectares to 9,000 hectares while production rose from 1,839 to 38,000 metric tons over the same period. Earnings rose from less than a million shillings to Sh. 2.5 billion.

He was officiating at the ground-breaking ceremony of the proposed Sh. 400 million Sasini Macadamia processing factory in Ndumberi area of Kiambu County. The factory with a crashing capacity of 16 tons per hour will become operational in 2018 and will create employment for 220.