CS Peter Munya visits North Horr, El-Isako Malla, and Loiyangalani in Marsabit County

Today CS Peter Munya was in Marsabit County visiting North Horr, El-Isako Malla, and Loiyangalani where he witnessed ground spraying of hoppers and addressed community members. Generally, the hoppers are dead within 30 minutes of spraying.
The CS noted the many challenges facing the control teams and promised to look into them and provide solutions soonest. The problems included logistical issues due to vastness and remoteness of the area that requires more off-road capable vehicles. The area is hot and dry so teams need to be supplied with enough drinking water.
The CS thanked members of the community for their cooperation with the spraying teams and availing youths to be trained as scouts and for spraying. The CS acceded to a request to incorporate more members of the community into the spraying teams to boost the control efforts. To this end, he promised that more Personal Protection Equipment will be supplied.