CS Peter Munya addresses 100 coffee society officials in Meru


Today CS Peter Munya addressed 100 coffee society officials (chairman and secretary) in Meru who were split into two sessions of 50 each to meet Covid-19 social distance requirements.

The CS emphasized a raft of changes being introduced to revive and improve the coffee sector, both in productivity and farmer earnings. These included:

  • Access to coffee inputs through e-voucher.
  • A 3 billion fund available to farmers at 3 percent and deductible at sale point.
  • Digital weighing and ledger management in the societies.
  • Installation of eco pulper to replace argard pregrader to save water and stop pollution in the rivers.
  • Construct metallic drying tables to improve uniformity in drying, stop termite damage, and increase longevity of the Nylex.
  • Install remote-controlled security systems to curb perchment theft and use solar security powered systems 24/7 reliability.
  • Rehabilitate the milling systems in Dandora, Meru, and Sagana.