CS Hon Peter Munya has launched the National Livestock Vaccination program in Isiolo County

This morning, CS Hon Peter Munya has launched the National Livestock Vaccination program in Isiolo County. He was accompanied by CAS Madam Linah Jebii Kilimo and SA Kello Harsama. During the launch the CS announced the successful control of locust control in 25 counties with only a few pockets left in parts of Marsabit and Turkana counties. Indeed, he announced there are no more locusts in Isiolo County to enthusiastic clapping from the crowd.The CS handed over to the country over three quarter million doses of vaccine to be used during the vaccination campaign.

CS Hon Peter Munya launches two Liquid Nitrogen trucks to boost AI services at the Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre (KAGRC) at AHITI Ndomba in Kirinyaga

This afternoon CS Hon Peter Munya paid a visit the Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre (KAGRC) at AHITI Ndomba in Kirinyaga where he launched two Liquid Nitrogen trucks to boost AI services. One truck will be situated in Sotik to serve both the western and Rift Valley regions while the other will be based in Ndomba to serve Central and Eastern regions.

The CS also toured the liquid nitrogen plant and inspected the Goat AI Centre under construction. The Ksh 400m National Government funded Centre is so far about 90% complete. The Centre comprising of a semen processing lab and administration block will house over 84 breeding bucks from four different dairy goat breeds for semen production.

Today CS Hon. Peter Munya visits Gaititu, Nyayo Tea Zones factory in Kirinyaga, to assess the project’s progress

This morning CS Hon. Peter Munya visited Gaititu, Nyayo Tea Zones factory in Kirinyaga, to assess the project’s progress

Gatitu Factory, a vision 2030 Flagship Project, is designed to maximize the Corporation’s returns. In addition, it will help in the development of infrastructure such as roads, supply of water and electricity around the catchment zone. It will also have a major impact on tea production in the area as farmers are expected to boost production due to easy access to the factory.

The Factory will dedicate a considerable percentage of its processing to value addition so as to access foreign markets and attracts increased foreign earnings.

Further, the factory will help create numerous direct employment opportunities to the youths in its locality and sustain livelihoods. Additionally, the factory will also create business opportunities for various value chains through supply of various goods and services.

CS Munya noted that he is pleased with the overall performance of the Nyayo tea Zones, particularly, in meeting it’s mandates in the areas of environmental conservation and in supporting value addition in tea.

PS Harry Kimtai opened a 3 storey Hostel for rabbit feeding and training institute at Ngong Veterinary farm

Later today , PS Harry Kimtai opened a 3 storey Hostel for rabbit feeding and training institute at Ngong Veterinary farm.The institute provides knowledge on commercial rabbit production to individual farmers who can start rabbit breeding business after training. The Institute currently provides in service training to extension officers in the national and county governments . During his remarks, PS Kimtai advised that the management for rabbit breeding and training institute should develop a process of practicing agribusiness for the youths in the country, thus making it a center of excellence. Ngong national and training institute has been in existence since 1979, and it has so far sold 5,869 breeding stock to farmers for a period of 10 years and has exported 60 rabbits of different breeds to Eritrea and 15 to Ghana.

CS Peter Munya launches the livestock vaccination program in Baringo County

The CS Peter Munya today launched the livestock vaccination program in Baringo County, the third county so far, since he launched the National programme in Kajiado. The vaccination is earmarked to cover 14 ASAL Counties countryside. In his remarks during the occasion, Munya said that his Ministry is determined to implement the exercise for the benefit of the livestock farmers and food nutrition security in the Country. He said farmers in the country are soon going to be supplied with feeds and be taught on how to grow the feeds. Munya encouraged farmers to also practice kitchen gardening for food nutritional security.

CAS Madam Anne Nyaga launches the 1 MILLION HOME GARDENS for the household level intervention on nutrition in Kasikeu, Makueni County

In response to Covid-19, yesterday CAS Madam Anne Nyaga launched the 1 MILLION HOME GARDENS for the household level intervention on nutrition in Kasikeu, in Makueni County, the front runner for this initiative.
Prior to the launch of the 1 million Home gardens initiative, she visited Makueni ATC fish farm in Makueni County, where they had an interactive discussion with a group of youth using their knowledge in the fish value chain, both fingerlings production as well as grow out. The farm sells the fingerlings at Ksh 10 per piece to farmers. The farm has a capacity of 50,000 fingerlings.
Among the groups visited were Muani Central Farmers Self Help Group which has a membership of 21 who all have established their home gardens growing diverse vegetables.
Another group visited was Ndeithye Kutethye with 25 members comprising men, women, and youth. All were in Kasikeu, Makueni County.
The Ministry is spearheading a campaign for One Million Home Gardens in the country to help households maintain healthy eating during the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring the constant availability of nutritious foods.
The mandate of the Ministry of Agriculture is to ensure that the country has food and nutrition security. This is especially important in rural areas where people have limited income-earning opportunities and poor access to markets.
In addition to producing vegetables, keeping small stock or poultry, goats, and fish in their home gardens, CAS Nyaga urged households to prolong the shelf life of perishable foods through preservation to enable households to maintain social distancing by reducing the frequency of market visits.
During this 1Million Home Gardens launch in Makueni, Which is being spearheaded by the youth, the Ministry has designed programs that are being implemented in all the 47 counties that are deliberately mainstreaming the youth agenda.
The youth will be supported to initiate agribusinesses that will be involved in the marketing and value-addition of the vegetables. This will create jobs in line with the ASTGS.
The National Agriculture and Rural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP), has supported over 19,750 beneficiaries across 21 counties, the Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP), 171,992 beneficiaries across 24 counties and the Small Scale Irrigation and Value Addition Project (SIVAP), has supported 15,000 beneficiaries bringing to a total of 206,742 beneficiaries.
SIVAP will further support 200,000 households across 21 counties.
CAS Nyaga called upon communities and farmers to reach out to County Governments to get the support.

Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Dr Linah Jebii Kilimo launches the County Livestock Vaccination Program

Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Dr. Linah Jebii Kilimo yesterday launched the County Livestock Vaccination Program that was on 19th June rolled out by CS Hon. Peter Munya at Kajiado. In her remarks, CAS said that the vaccination program is going to be implemented in 14 ASAL Counties countryside. Livestock in Kenya has always been under the threat of occurrence of a number of animal diseases like Rift valley fever, Foot and mouth disease, etc which easily spread from one country to another thus hindering participation in international trade of livestock and livestock products and also reduces trade in live animals, meat and other products. Because of that, the government has developed strategies for controlling these diseases in order to increase livestock population. Jebii called upon Counties to allocate more funds for the exercise and vaccinate at least 80% of the livestock population.

CAS Madam Anne Nyaga visits youth innovators in Nakuru County

Today CAS Madam Anne Nyaga visited youth innovators in Nakuru County to sensitize them on different government initiatives that they can uptake. Among them is Mr. Paul Ngugi who quit medicine for innovative agricultural manufacturing. At his farm, he is manufacturing plastic fish tanks with a capacity to hold 600-700 Tilapia and 500 catfish. He has designed and installed a full aquaponics system that he feeds using Black Soldier fly that he grows at his ready to use system.
The government emphasized its commitment, through various programs and ministries such as Trade and Industry, to support such local innovative manufacturing SMEs that contribute to the big four agenda.