PS refutes erroneous, erroneous report on maize prices, terms it malicious

The Principal Secretary, State Department of Agriculture Research Prof. Hamadi Boga, has refuted a report in one of the country’s local newspapers that the Government has increased the recently set price of maize from Sh.2,300 per 90Kg bag to Sh. 3,000.

The story headlined Government yields to Sh. 3,000 price tag for 90kg bag of maize had alleged that the PS had “settled” the debate between Government, farmers and politicians by yielding to Sh 3,000 from Sh. 2,300 per bag.

Prof. Boga who is also the acting PS for the State Department of Crops Development, said the story was false, malicious and misleading which was meant to set Government against wananchi in general and farmers in particular.

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