Welcome Ministry of agriculture livestock and fisheries

The Ministry has its fundamental goal and purpose of conserving protecting and managing agricultural livestock and fisheries resources for socio-economic development. Its aim is to improve the living standards of people by ensuring maintainance of agricultural livestock and fisheries resources. The ministry was credated in 2013 following the merge of the three ministries of agriculture,livestock development and marketing,fisheries.

  • Our Vision: To be a leading institution in the management and development of crops, livestock and fisheries resources for socio economic development of all Kenyans.
  • Our Mission: To improve the livelihood of Kenyans and ensure food security by promoting competitive, commercially oriented fisheries, crop and livestock farming through creation of enabling environment, and ensuring sustainable natural resource management.
  • Our Mandate: Our Mandate is Formulation, implementation and monitoring of agricultural legislations, regulations and policies Supporting agricultural research and promoting technology deliver Facilitating and representing agricultural state corporations in the government Development, implementation and co-ordination of programmes in the agricultural sector Regulating and quality control of inputs, produce and products from the agricultural sector Management and control of pests and Collecting, maintaining and managing information on agricultural sector
Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries